Information for Customers in California

Here at Angi Services, independent service professionals that are approved to access our platform (“Pros”) are able to do so through the Angi Services for Pros app, which displays a list of jobs that customers have requested and allows Pros to claim them. In addition, Pros are able to track customer feedback, make their own schedule and manage their payment details.

We want to make sure that you have all the information you need to be successful when requesting services through the Angi Services platform. Please take a moment to read through the information below to ensure you’re best utilizing the platform to work with Pros. 


Negotiation Period

Once a pro claims a job you have requested, you will have a period to consider the job and discuss or negotiate any details you want with the pro (including changing booking length or scope). This period generally ends 48 hours before the scheduled start time, but if the pro claimed the job within 48 hours of the requested start time, you will have until four hours after they claimed the job before they are committed to the job. 


Contacting the Pro 

To contact the pro to discuss or negotiate, locate the phone number / phone icon on your Project card in the "Project" tab on the Angi App, or My Projects page on web. The phone number is masked in both directions, so the pro can't see your real number and you can't see theirs. In addition, the line will be deactivated soon after booking completion. Learn More »


Changes to a Booking

If you and a pro reschedule or change a booking and you want the new information reflected on the booking page, then you will have to contact Angi Services support team to confirm the changes. You are also always free to manage any changes on your own without Angi Services’ involvement. You also have the option to provide Angi Services with the agreed-to changes in writing and Angi Services support team will apply any additional payment if you and the pro confirm you want it processed through Angi Services.


Avoiding Fees

You will be subject to a cancellation fee if you cancel a booking within 24 hours of the start time (see here to learn more about our cancellation policy). Learn More About Cancellation Fees »


Have any more questions? Our support team is here to help! Contact us using the red chat icon in the bottom right.

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