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How do I make a new booking?

To get a quote, simply start making a booking. Once we have gathered some details about your needs, we'll be able to provide you with the price. You can also make a booking over the phone by calling our team at 567-205-3675.

  1. From your My Projects page, use the search bar to type in the name of the service you’re looking for
  2. Pick the type of service you want to schedule from the dropdown
  3. Enter details about your booking as prompted (location, duration, etc.)
  4. On the Payment page, enter your credit card information
  5. Make sure your entry instructions are correct, so your Pro knows how to get in to get started
  6. Leave instructions to your professional about what you need
  7. Once this is complete, we'll send a confirmation email with the details of your booking

We'll collect a few personal details like your name and phone number, your address (so a professional is able to find your home), and your payment information.

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