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We strive to maintain a high level of quality on our platform and the delivery of our services. We’re sorry to hear that your booking didn’t go as you expected, but we know sometimes issues happen and we’d like to make it right.

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    1. My Pro is running late. We expect the Professionals using our platform to provide the highest level of service, and at the core of that is reliability. Your Pro will arrive as close to your chosen start time as they are able; reach out to your assigned Professional to understand what the situation is (See How can I contact my Pro?). Please allow 30 minutes after your appointment is scheduled to start before contacting us!
    2. My Pro didn’t finish the job. If your Pro didn’t bring supplies or left early without completing the work, please contact us, so we can make sure your job gets done.
    3. My Pro delivered a poor quality of service. We’re sorry to hear your Pro’s service didn’t live up to your expectations. We encourage you to rate your Pro in the Angi app, so that our system won’t match you with them again. If something is damaged or missing, please contact us so we can help resolve your issue.
    4. My Pro acted unprofessionally. We’re sorry that this happened. Please rate your Pro in the Angi app, as this will help us identify when Pros aren’t meeting our standards. You’ll also be prompted with the option to contact our customer service team to file a report, if you’d like. If there was any serious misconduct or safety concerns, please get in touch with us immediately - we take your safety and security very seriously.
    5. Something else? If you have any other concerns about the service delivered, please contact us so we can help you get your job done right.

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